I’m a highly creative and talented graphic design professional with a strong history of success empowering clients and companies to reach new customers and build powerful brand identities through effective visual communication.
Over the years, I’ve proven my ability to orchestrate the entire design process, from the initial concept stage to final implementation, involving branding, packaging, print communications, website and digital design. I know how to leverage human psychology to create illustrations that evoke emotions within the target audience and influence them to take action. I’ve garnered valuable industry experience through projects that required acute knowledge of typography, colour, layout, symmetry, marketing, video editing and image manipulation.
I excel at generating fresh design concepts for print and digital, meet stringent deadlines, incorporate the latest trends, and nurture long-lasting relationships with all stakeholders.

I can adapt and revise my strategies to create designs that are visually appealing, easy to understand, and emotionally impactful. When not pursuing my creative talents, I love playing with my two active dogs and baking sourdough bread using my own yeast.
Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts, comments, or questions about my work. I’m always eager to build new professional connections and excited to explore new opportunities.
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